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Using CSS Class in OAF Displaying the Message in UpperCase
CSS Uppercase and CSS Capitalize
 · .uppercase { text-transform: uppercase; } Now whenever you add a HTML element with the CSS class uppercase it will transform all the text to uppercase within that element. CSS Uppercase Example For example, here we have a div with the class attribute .
How to Make Text All Uppercase in CSS
To change all text to uppercase, add the following line of CSS into the div block tag which contains the text which you want changed. text-transform:uppercase; In our case, the menu is the object we are changing to all uppercase, so we have appropriately called this the menu class.

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Firefox takes language into consideration. You can learn more about here: CSS Text Transform In this article, we’ll see how can we use css text-transform property value to capitalize the first letter of word, to convert all letters into uppercase(All cap), to
CSS Property: text-transform
CSS Property: text-transform Converts the case of letters — to uppercase, lowercase, or capitalized. font-weight , font-style , font-variant , and text-transform .
Bootstrap CSS class text-uppercase with source code and live preview. You can copy our examples and paste them into your project! Use 230+ ready-made Bootstrap components from the multipurpose library.

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On my FAQ page, the text for the questions with this app are styled in all uppercase. I prefer this text to be in upper- and lowercase (just as I type it using regular sentence case). Is there any way to add a line of code (CSS?) somewhere to make this change
CSS – text-transform – The text-transform property changes the capitalization of text within an element, or else directs the user agent to leave the capitalization as is. Description The text-transform property changes the capitalization of text within an element, or else directs the user agent to leave the capitalization “as is.”
Capitalizing All Letters
 · Including a confirmation field? I want the entry to be recorded in my data table in all uppercase. Thanks! Logan Hi Logan, What you may want to consider instead is applying the following CSS style to the input field: text-transform: uppercase
Text Transform
Tailwind CSS home page Quick search for anything Press Ctrl and K to search Tailwind CSS Version Tailwind CSS on GitHub prefix to any existing text transformation utility. For example, use md:uppercase to apply the uppercase utility at only medium < p

Can the text on forms default to all uppercase?

Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, it is not possible now, However, you can add some CSS to your Jotform to show the information in all caps but once it’s submitted it would default back to the standard formatting except the user used all caps by his/her demand.

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The CSS code fixed the all caps issue I was having with the navbar and footer menus. However, the CSS code didn’t fix the all caps menus in the Footer One, Footer Two and Footer Three widgets. How do I change those menus to text-transform: none; John
ASPxTextBox – How to convert all input characters to the uppercase using CSS There is a text-transform property in CSS that allows showing all characters to input in uppercase. It is possible to apply this property to ASPxTextBox by creating the following rule:

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 · Transform value to uppercase while typing – Convert text field value to uppercase while typing using jQuery or JavaScript or CSS. Join our 75,000+ subscribers and get the latest tutorials and resources, straight to your inbox.
The second line is written in all uppercase in the markup, which overrides the small-caps value, setting everything in regular uppercase. Taking this further, if these paragraphs are set to font-variant: small-caps and text-transform: lowercase , then they will appear in all small caps.
JavaScript Uppercase
Conclusion Finally, we have concluded section the UpperCase() method have some other similar methods like toLocaleUpperCase() method but all these methods will perform the same operations and some web based applications to validate the string characters
CSS font-variant Property
CSS font-variant property CSS font-variant property specifies how to set a font variant of an element. Its values may be normal and small-caps.By using the small-caps value, the lowercase letters converted into uppercase, but in a smaller size compared to the original uppercase letters.