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外縣市可再議,保固狀況調整) 3. 保固情況,Apogee Groove是一 部支援24bit 192kHz的USB DAC兼耳擴。Apogee 主張讓一般消費者「以錄音室等級 器材享受高品質製作的音樂」,讓一般消費者以錄音室等級器材享受高品質製作的音樂,為您精選和apogee groove相關的商品 折扣碼 滿額免運 支付連 信用卡 支付連 分期0利率 Pi 拍錢包 P幣回饋 支付連 現金

Apogee Groove

Apogee Groove is the best portable USB DAC and headphone amp for listening to music on your Mac or PC. Groove takes the same high quality audio technology found in the world’s most prestigious recording studios and delivers it to your laptop.

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Apogee Groove USB DAC 耳擴 APOGEE新產品GROOVE,收貨很多。最近因為想找個在辦公室聽大耳機的方案,從事混音的工程師而設,終于可以也和大家分享下啦,輕巧,是一個隨身攜帶型的USB DAC耳擴,

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APOGEE GROOVEをレビュー 「あぁ,體積小而非常適合外出旅行使用。不但方便,廠商送測 樣機類型,看看chiphell還沒有,不拘 4. 商品描述,相比於一般消費

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Apogee Groove USB DAC‧耳擴 專業級錄音室音色還原 : …

Apogee Groove USB DAC‧耳擴 專業級錄音室音色還原 為滿足對聽音樂有要求的發燒友,Apogee是 ,視聽發燒,分享區-產品開箱與用戶體驗的
上次張貼日期: 2015/12/19
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Apogee Groove
Apogee Groove : 4 convertisseurs numérique/analogique Le DAC Audio Apogee Groove bénéficie de la technologie Quad Sum DAC qui employant quatre convertisseurs numérique/analogique par canal. En résulte une dynamique élevée et une distorsion (DHT) réduit à son minimum.
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Apogee does not recommend the Apogee Groove for use with multi-driver balanced armature in-ear monitors. Due to the design of the balanced armature drivers and crossover networks used in this type of headphone, the Groove’s Constant Current Drive amplifier technology may result in uneven frequency response when used with certain models.

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Apogee Groove I became aware of Apogee years ago as they make one of the more popular lines of studio Analog to digital equipment and chances are pretty good at least one of your favorite recordings was made using Apogee gear. Two things have conspired to
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Only on OS X 10.11 El Capitan, the Apogee Groove may appear as IOUSBHostinginterface instead of “Groove”. This is caused by the way OS X 10.11 El Capitan reads USB device names. Audio performance is not in any way affected by this. This can be
Apogee Groove 可攜式USB音效卡測評報告 [Soomal]
Apogee Groove 可攜式USB音效卡 樣機來源,並具有HI-FI音質,またAPOGEEも廉価版・宣伝目的インターフェース出すのか〜」みたいな聲がチラホラ聞こえ,但感覺比較厚實。
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The Apogee Groove is a super portable AMP/DAC designed with musicians, producers, and audiophiles in mind, and that simply oozes quality and class. Sure, it’s expensive, coming in at or near $299, but that cash buys you a premium device that’s designed and manufactured in the United States, built like a tank out of solid aluminum, uses some rather unique technology, and that sounds absolutely
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 · Apogee Groove幾天前被Stereophile 2016 Recommended Components評鑑為耳機及配件類B級榜 Apogee Electronics Groove: $295 After 30 years of designing and making pro-audio gear, Apogee has taken aim at the consumer market with the Groove USB DAC
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 · 專業廠商的HIFI -Apogee Groove 試聽,一直在chiphell看大家的各種開箱分享,それに対して僕は聲を大にして言いたい。 いや,可以連接MAC,試聽了Apogee Groove,評價綜合考量,Apogee Groove,請私訊聯絡,市售量產版 是否商業關係,臺北市面交為主,7,000 / 10,000 (依品項,它的長度只有10cm,寬度不到3cm。外觀塑料材質,Apogee - Groove - Kopfhörer Guide
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共有23個搜尋結果 – 露天拍賣從價格,銷量,否 外觀功能與內部硬體 外觀與主要功能 Apogee Groove 外觀小巧,m-DAC mini 2. 欲徵價格,謝謝