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PS if your wondering about the age, the age corresponds to how long bfdi’s been out for. Who I’d like to meet: FREEEIIINNNNDSSSS jacknjellify ‘s Fwiends Space jacknjellify has 32 fwiends. Tom Bunny maisymae Asswizard7563 vikimal19 owo Ark63 ruzz View
Giant D
Giant D’s pose in BFDI 18 Giant D Is a recommended Character Appears in Reveal Novum Name: Giant D Gender Female Species: Big Capitalized D First Appearance: Reveal Novum Giant D, along with Cookie, Battery, Wii, Painty, and Ball in Reveal Novum.
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BFB and TPOT by Jacknjellify on Youtube. These people shall not be re-added to the studio. @babybryan89 – Changed the description to “Teardrop: All”, trying to make everyone roleplay as Teardrop. This is the void. Enjoy your stay. ok
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 · BFDI(A) Battle For Dream Island was a show on YouTube started by twins Michael and Cary Huang on the channel “jacknjellify” on January 1st, 2010. Ever since the series became more popular, it bring upon a new fandom across the internet: Object Shows.

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#bfdi | 64.9M people have watched this. Watch short videos about #bfdi on TikTok. original sound – Jacknjellify Which one are you: Tennis Ball, or everyone else? #bfdi #animated
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In case if some of you don’t know what “BFDI” is, it’s an animated youtube show created by: jacknjellify, the series is basically a parody of “Total Drama Island”. for those who don’t know what “Total Drama Island” is, you will need to look it up before you watch BFDI, otherwise you will understand. But anyways, what if i told you that jacknjellify actually made a BFDI 26? That is actually
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The creators of BFDI and II are going to be there! Yes, we’re having an Object Show Fan Meetup! Hosted by Jacknjellify and AnimationEpic. RSVP LINK:
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Jacknjellify’s War of The Worlds (EvanVizuett) V.I.P of BFDI Jacknjellify’s Terminator Jacknjellify’s War of The Worlds 2: The Next World Red White Silver Grey TPOT Contestants The Power of Two TPOT Girls Girl Voiced By Cary Huang Hot Colored BFDI 2000’s
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This is the BFDI studio. Credits go to jacknjellify (the youtube account). RULES: – Only add BFDI projects. – People who seen BFDI videos for a month may be promoted to manager and will get to invite BFDI fans. – People who seen BFDI videos for a week may be a
Jacknjellify’s Battle of Yoyle City
Jacknjellify’s Battle of Yoyle City is a show with the concept of an object world war, created by Alfrednolastname IN NO WAY AM I ATTEMPTING TO BREAK COPYRIGHT LAWS BY USING THESE CHARACTERS. ALL CREDIT FOR THE ART GOES TO THEIR RESPECTIVE CREATORS, MOSTLY JACKNJELLIFY. 1 Characters 1.1 Yoyleland Troops 2 Civilians/Background characters 3 YMR …
Paper is a recommended Character in A Leg Up in the Race , Bowling, Now with Explosions! , Insectophobe’s Nightmare 2, Don’t Dig Straight Down And The Four Is Lava Name: Paper Gender: Unknown Species: Sheet Of PaperFirst Appearance: A Leg Up in the Race Recommended By: mycarzypets (BFDI 12) alexlion05 (BFDI 16) MrMephie (BFDI 24) TLR And GoshTheGuardian (BFB …
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