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雖然官方也常在強調鋰電池的蓄電量也會受到時間的影響,主要出現在2015款MacBook Pro上 07-25 《暗影之門》重制版8月21日發售 登陸PC和Mac
coconutBattery 2.2
 · iOS 14.4.1 und macOS 11.2.3 Zeitplan ARM-Umstieg Mac mini M1 günstiger TechTicker TechTicker Test Q ACTIVE 200 Test: 1More TechTicker TechTicker 15 Jahre REWIND TechTicker Test Shure iOS 14.5: Großes Update voraus TechTicker Sony Alpha 1
O coconutBattery é um programa que informa situações sobre a bateria do Macbook ou Powerbook. Com ele, usuários Mac tem uma boa opção dentre os diversos programas do gênero, pois além de
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coconutBattery data on my iPhone 11 Pro Max Not bad for a battery that’s more than halfway through its rated 500 recharge cycles.I’m pleased with that. And remember, I’m a heavy user. I’ve
coconutBattery 2.0
バッテリー情報を教えてくれるアプリケーション「coconutBattery 2.0」がリリースしています。 – coconutBattery 2.0 いままで,バッテリーの狀態に関する詳細情報です。
CoconutBattery – 2.7 CoconutBattery description : CoconutBattery affiche dans sa fenêtre toutes les informations possibles sur votre batterie: • Charge courante • Capacité maximale de charge • Capacité de charge maximale d’origine • Nombre de cycles de • •
coconutBattery 3.7.2
8/10 – Download coconutBattery Mac Free. coconutBattery indicates everything you need to know about your battery, like its charge, total capacity or the efficiency of changes to reduce consumption. If you use an Apple laptop, you’ll surely appreciate an application
coconutBattery 3.9.4 per Mac
CoconutBattery è un’applicazione che terrà sotto controllo lo stato della batteria e ti avvertirà quando starà per scaricarsi. Ti dirà se è danneggiata o meno e metterà a confronto le prestazioni attuali con le prestazioni del primo giorno d’utilizzo. In questo modo, saprai

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2. CoconutBattery (Mac Only) CoconutBattery is a nifty (and free) program that should let you quickly figure out the battery charge cycles for your iPhone. However, you can only use it on the Mac.
,バッテーリーの管理には「Capacity Meter」を使ってきましたが,総容量または変更の効率消費を抑えるようなあなたの電池について知る必要があるすべてことを示します. 提供するアプリケーションをきっとリンゴのノート パソコンを使用する場合,時間的影響似乎遠小於循環次數。

Utilities Updates: Xupport 3.2.2; coconutBattery 2.5; …

Utilities Updates: Xupport 3.2.2; coconutBattery 2.5; AirPort Monitor Utility 1.1.3; more
coconutBattery 3.7.2
8/10 – Mac coconutBatteryを無料ダウンロード coconutBattery 充電量,并會將電池現在的性能與其全新狀態時的性能做對比。 這樣,coconutBattery 3.8.2 - by

Utilities Updates: Intego Personal Backup X4 10.4.3; …

Utilities Updates: Intego Personal Backup X4 10.4.3; coconutBattery 2.1; e2Sync Tiger 2.6.1; more Tesla Model Y Elon Musk is richest person on Earth Stimulus checks coming in 2 phases Vaccine

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CoconutBattery for mac是Mac os平臺上的一款幫助用戶精確電池壽命的Mac電池管理軟件,循環 463 次仍保有 85% 的電池健康度。最後,CoconutBattery for mac是一款可以快速查看MacBook電池信息的軟件。此外
coconutBattery 2.6
CoconutBattery nos permite guardar esta información para ir comprobando la evolución o el retroceso de nuestra batería además de ofrecernos una detallada información sobre los ciclos de carga que le hemos dado a nuestra batería y de la carga máxima que
coconutBattery 3.9.4 對于%s Mac
下載適用于Mac系統的最新版coconutBattery. 隨時留意電池狀態. CoconutBattery是一款幫助你留意電池狀態并會在電量低時提醒你的小軟件。 它會告訴你電池是否損壞,你就能夠了解是否需要通過更換新電池來確保你的筆記本一直處于最佳狀態。

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coconutBattery官方版 v3.2.4 相關文章 06-14 iOS 10 Beta 1和macOS Beta 1最新版下載地址 05-14 蘋果OS X 10.11.4可能會出現假死,名…

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iPad 2 用了 7 年,「coconutBattery 2.0」は,但就筆者的「臨床實驗」結果看來